Koriist connects disparate communications networks with an advanced software-defined, multi-protocol, data+network router overlay. Our software product, Stitch™, runs on top of the world’s networks - rather than rip out and replace them - ensuring those who need remote connectivity can securely access information, regardless of underlying infrastructure.

The Problem

Internet of NEW Things ≠ Internet of Things

Businesses depend on information to effectively and efficiently use their resources. The benefits of leveraging information from analytics in an office (IT) environment is well known and the impacts can be significant, so why haven't the same gains been made in the field (OT) environments? In a word, the difference between Information Technology and Operational Technology: Connectivity. Access to data depends on technology that is constantly changing - the new is not often compatible with the old. We cannot afford to rip out our existing functioning capital investments and replace them with new networked equipment. We need to utilize and leverage the multinets that are already functional and all around us.

Koriist [ kur-eest ] means ‘benefit’, specifically the quality result and reward after a lot of hard work; a well-deserved improvement after long investment. At Koriist, we believe that while the new is shiny and more capable, if old is functional and not broken then we don't need "fix" it by replacing the existing, working systems. Build on the investments of the past to create the future; we don't need to reinvent the wheel just because the engine is different.